Dog Training

From obedience to socialization, our dog training services will help your furry friend become the best companion they can be.

fA human and their dog training at Paws On Gresham

Five One-Hour Training Sessions

After you have completed our five one-hour training lessons with your dog, you will be confident that you can handle your dog and handle all their problems. You will have been supplied with the skills and resources that you need to make sure you and your dog have the best relationship possible.

“He can be off-leash everywhere we go”

“Leanne helped us train our husky puppy to be well behaved on and off-leash. We never thought we would be able to have him off-leash but after having him e-collar trained he can be off-leash everywhere we go. I would recommend Leanne and her team to anyone looking for help training their dog.”
– Daniel H.

What Your Dog Will Learn

  • How to walk on a leash without pulling
  • How to greet other dogs
  • Basic manners
  • Obedience Skills

*Additional e-collar training available for off-leash dogs

A happy dog off-leash after being trained at Paws On gresham

Our Approach

Our main goal in our dog training classes is to work with both you and your dog. Each dog is different, so we always adapt to your personal needs and problems. We start with one on one training, and when you are ready we move you into group classes with other dogs and humans.

We often train using treats and positive reinforcement, but with a balance of discipline and corrections as well. We use a gentle leader, a type of leash, to train your dog how to walk and heal, and we offer e collar training if you are interested.

An e-collar can help you gain better control over your dog using beeps, vibrations, and shocks.

What To Expect

With our five training classes, you can expect to learn how to properly handle your dog, be provided with the skills needed to live the best life you can with your dog, and both one on one and group classes with professional dog trainers.

A well trained dog listening to commands

We Adapt To Your Needs

If you´re more comfortable with positive reinforcement dog training, then we teach your dog with treats and praise.

If you want to e-collar train, we teach you and your dog how to use and respond to it.

We want you and your dog to have the best relationship possible, and are willing to do whatever it takes to get to that point.