2-Week Dog Training Camp

Our 2-week dog boot camp will leave you with a happy and well-behaved companion.

A dog in the dog training camp being taught leash obedience

2-Weeks From A Well-Behaved Dog

After two weeks of your dog training with us, you will get back a dog that knows basic obedience, can walk on a leash without pulling, has manners, knows how to greet and play with other dogs, and even e-collar trained for off-leash activities.

When you send your loved one to our dog training camp, we do all the hard work for you, and your only job is to stay consistent with it!

“I highly recommend Paws on Gresham”

“Leanne was so wonderful helping me train my rescue pitbull as a service dog. She was so patient with Maya. Now she is helping to certify my rescue Amstaff/chihauhau who had significant PTSD when I got him 2 yrs ago. She worked with Red using deconditioning training and helping me know how to react to his needs. She also took care of him by boarding him while I went out of town. I highly recommend Paws on Gresham for training and boarding.”
– Melissa M.

How Our Camp Works

Before we board and train your dog, we like to meet them first! We will schedule an evaluation so that your dog can come over and we can assess what their needs will be. This is also the perfect time to talk to you about your expectations so that we can guarantee your satisfaction.

A happy dog raising their paws for a "hand shake"

What’s Next?

Once your dog is with us, we teach basic obedience and manners through one on one lessons with one of our trainers for about an hour at least once a day.

For exposure training, we introduce your dog to new noises and environments they may not be used to, to make sure that you are comfortable taking them anywhere.

We use gentle leaders and positive food reinforcement training to ensure our dog training camp gives a dog you can depend on.

Off-Leash Training

If you are interested, we e-collar train them using beep noises, vibrations, and light shocks to ensure that they are respectful towards both people and other dogs. When you pick your dog up we teach you everything that your dog learned and make sure to answer any and all questions you have so that you are confident in going home with your newly trained dog.

Puppy playing while boarding at Paws On Gresham

What To Expect From Boot Camp

With our dog training camp, you can expect a safe, comfortable, fun environment for your dog to stay in overnight and professional level one on one training. And of course, a trained and disciplined dog to take home with you!

Why Paws On Gresham?

Our dog training camp lays the groundwork for your dog to be the best dog it can be.
All you have to do is stay consistent by applying what your dog has learned.